Kids love coming to Plaster Painting Studios because it is creative fun. Painting figurines and plaques however secretly helps in growth and development. It is confidence building, teaches children to complete a task, develop concentration and handle disappointment.  Painting improves colour recognition and pencil grip.  It’s the place where the kids are allowed to make decisions for themselves.

The children run laughing through the door grinning from ear to ear. They delight in making their own choice of paster and smile when choosing from a vast array of colours – then they get to paint it. They are asked which spray and glitter THEY would like before proudly washing their hands at the little basin, at the child’s height. Watching them waddle home with their treasured painted gift, (often worn as a shoulder bag), is a gift to us.

The best part of Plaster Painting Studios is that it’s old fashioned hand made fun, where the children make their own creature or character. There is not an iPad or screen in sight and families lounge in the sun and talk to each other, listening to beautiful music and sharing the fun. Mums can’t resist helping and often have to paint their own. Frozen canvasses of Elsa are so popular and all the girls sing to the soundtrack. It’s not just for girls, boys love the vehicles and Star Wars and with Father’s Day fast approaching, what’s better than an “I love you Daddy” hand made plaque!